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Introducing Hackersinsight

Problem Solving Made Easy, Uncovering Flaws and giving you the peace of mind that you deserve.

We have the largest pool of proven, remote Hackers. Don’t believe us? Check out some of our top rated Hackers.


Put your job into the world’s largest hackers work marketplace and wait for the proposals to flood in from certified hackers around the world. Our AI helps you shortlist the hackers who are the best fit.


Still confused?Talk us through your budget and goals and we’ll do the recruitment for you. You’ll get a shortlist of our very best talent, all perfectly suited to the task.


Our clients want the very best. So our hackers have to go through a vetting process: We ask them about their professional background, their higher education, their portfolio of previous work or examples of notable projects they created for clients of their own. Once we get to know them, we will evaluate their application form and notify them whether they were found eligible for our hiring process.


Our dedicated Support team is here to help you. You can count on them to work with you in a timely manner to resolve any issues that might arise in rare occasion, no matter where you are located.We provide services globally.

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Yes, Expertise Matters.

If you are going to trust a company to attempt to penetrate your network and potentially handle sensitive data, you need complete trust in their ethics, loyalty, and qualifications.

All of our highly skilled security engineers hold more certifications than required as the Industry Standards

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Your Personal Ethical Hacker!

Keep a Tab on Your Children Loved Ones.

Cybersecurity today is the quintessential primary defense against malicious actors out there. This, unfortunately, includes many government agencies. But you see, your privacy is like an onion. It has layer after layer on top of each other. It’s no surprise and has been proven time after time, about repercussion if any of those layers get compromised.
Our goal here is to get you those rogue individuals who otherwise will damage the cyberspace and use them for a good cause and provide their service to the people who are in dire need of HaaS(hacking as a service)

Hire hacker in delhi

Hacking as a Service.

Exceeding Your Expectations

Ethical hackers for hire

Hire a hacker that can actually Pentest.

Grow Your Business

Solve your problems with our professional


Red Team Hackers

Every hack begins with the gathering of intelligence. The more information you have of target. The easier and less time consuming it will be for us. If the attacks are made against individuals then the most obvious place to look is their social media account. A lot of people disregard the fact that they sometimes post a lot of data that can easily be accessed and analyzed by attackers. Pattern recognition can be used to make a guess with a high degree of probability about their daily life. Password security is often neglected and as such accounts can easily be hijacked. And when a hacker has obtained in-depth information about the target they can continue to the next step – overtaking their machines as well. There are a lot of tools that are used for automated and easy intelligence gathering on potential targets.

Cyber security experts in india

A Security Trilemma

Our Reliable Tools.

We believe in maximizing value and minimizing costs for all of you out there so you have a rewarding experience using our service. Our cost-effective tools used by our hackers always get work done successfully, while charging you the lowest fees in this market. Our proprietary tools solve A Major Security Trilemma

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Even More..

Understanding Your Needs

Hire a hacker

Cyber Investigation and Forensics

Dedicated Online Dashboard.


Protecting and Encrypting Your Privacy.

My boss tried to fire me over an application my team made. I could not see the bugs and had an ultimatum to find what I did wrong or lose my job, especially in these trying times. I got aware about them from a friend who took their service for personal family reasons. I am glad I choose them. They resolved the issues in few hours and even improved it. I can not thank them enough. God bless you sir! :)

Deepak Singh

Just got the control panel to access the mobile. It's working fine for now. I feel relaxed after knowing certain things. I wish they can take orders immediately. They always have high amount of orders.


Wordpress website got hacked. He implemented a honeypot and traced it back to my relative. Can take decisive steps thanks to them

Amit Jain

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We care about our customers. With us, Our customer's problems are our problems and we strive to resolve them with our skills.

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